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For over fifteen years we have been building businesses and designing software products that positively impact the bottom line.

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Design Services


Logo design, component libraries, brand applications and product guidelines that visualize and incept new products to reality from concept to finish. 

User Interface

Mobile, iOS, Android, Desktop, Windows, macOS, Linux user interface that can be customized to the design language of any brand. We specialize in taking data and presenting it in a cohesive, simple, insightful way for your end users to interpret successfully.

UX design

Glass panther delivers intuitive user experiences by supporting user behavior through usability, usefulness, and desirability provided in the interactions within the products we help you define.

Data Visualization

We help express information in insightful ways through graphical charts, diagrams, and other visualizations that allows for you to help organize information intuitively for your target audiences.


With a background in the arts we can produce illustrations and graphics that compliment any brand, product and marketing campaign through high fidelity graphical illustrations that will add special uniqueness to any brand experience.

Process and Planning

We define design through process and planning. We help companies forecast roadmaps, take large nebulous objectives and dissect and organize them into clearly digestible deliverables that coordinate with key holders within the business and have clear and direct output.