Our Vision

Our vision is to transform complex technologies into successful products through captivating design.

Our Mission

Glass Panther works with VCs and founders with early seed stage startups that have not established their brand or product design. We help bring their visions to life through visually stunning digital experiences that inspire.

We shape the future

We work with businesses that are focused on improving the world through technology. Our focus is to help these businesses succeed by applying our strengths to the fullest extent to serve the greater good of global innovation and technological advancement.

We perform with excellence

We have the highest standards in our work and how we conduct ourselves. Our business acumen is focused on helping our partners succeed by using over a decade of earned experience and expertise to deliver the highest possible value in the work we deliver.

Our relationships last a lifetime

Our partner's success is our bottom line. We strive to make their business and product experiences the highest of value by delivering our fullest potential in the work we produce. We establish trust and reliability by being available to our clients through consistency in our work, delivery on our commitments and open communication through transparent processes.

We make businesses better

We deliver value to our partners by understanding their needs, focusing on the problems they endure and in return produce solutions that positively impact their business.

About Glass Panther

Glass Panther has over 15 years of experience providing services in software and product design including brand identity, user research, market analysis, user interface, user experience, photography, digital art, illustration and graphic design to name a few.

Our relationships have a tremendous diversity in market horizontals including work with the department of defense, fashion design agencies, software security, application efficiencies, and financial/insurance technologies.

Our work in the defense sector allowed us to work directly with large scale prime contractors like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and the United States Navy to focusing on optimizing the operations performed by sailors on battleships and submarines. We worked on products that went into top secrete government vehicle prototypes and vehicles shipped into the Naval fleet services of that time period.

In the private sector, we have had the pleasure to work on both consumer and enterprise grade applications. These products have helped facilitate the health and stability of distributed software focused on container technology, software development kits and other programs including analytics, product testing, distribution and crash reporting applications. Each development has been shipped on a wide variety of operating systems from desktop to mobile including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android.

Glass Panther seamlessly integrates into your software development lifecycle and works directly with your team's processes to deliver value by working closely in a cohesive fashion within your business.

Our history in the field working with software languages such as Rails, .NET, Ruby, HTML, CSS, JS, React, GO, Python, and others allows for us to align with any leading technology framework.

Our process is identifying how to align business value while delivering user value in a feasible manner with cohesive, intuitive user experiences that inspire.