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Crafting World Class Experiences.

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Crafting world class experiences for a global audience.

Products, Teams, Processes and initiatives that scale.

Design is about proces and planning. Being able to identify areas within the Product Development lifecycle that can be improved, optimized and driven to be more effective, is the mastery of Principle Product Design.

Having been a product designer working in sofware for the last 15 years, I have been able to create a diverse marketability.

Being an illustrator by nature and an experienced artist by traid, my intentions are to bring an artistic lense into the products I champion. By default, the intentions are to craft visually stunning interfaces that evoke emotional repsonses from any target audience.

Throughout my experiences, I have been able to manage teams of designers and enineers both large and small. Throughout my profession, regardless of hierarchy, I still insist on crafting, designing, managing and documenting the process as a front end engineer, and design executor. In other words, I manage and execute at all levels.

Being able to manage and execute, alows for the opportunity to inspire and direct througout all functions of the business, no matter the gravity of the task.

As an artist and passionate designer, I simply love working on complex challenges that support and facilitate the success of high tech businesses.