GitKraken Acquired by Resurgens

Responsible for researching, designing, testing and implementing technical toolsets that optimize the development of software. Products include GitLens for VSCode, GitKraken Client, Git Integration for Jira, and covering multiple operating systems and devices including mobile, web, desktop, MacOS, Windows, Linux and the CLI.

Products service 25M+ developers with over 100K organizations globally including Nike, Netflix, NASA, Apple, Amazon, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin to name a few.

Collaborated with Executive teams and cross organization leadership including Marketing, Product, Engineering, CS and external developers to design, test and deliver user experiences that optimize the SDLC across the company product portfolio.

Supported day to day operations of the business with respects to providing creative direction across functions, organizing and managing the production of impactful technical problems, manufacturing images, assets, workflows, research and the development and implementation of working models and features that improve the performance and user experience of GitKraken product surfaces.

Directed and executed the GitKraken Visual Brand Language for marketing and product, unlocking more scalable systems that positively influenced time to market for internal teams.

Work directly with multiple business units to creatively direct, and manufacture designs for conferences and events. This includes custom illustrations gifted to the attendees, event branding and marketing campaign designs that serve a direct impact to help share, teach and get the community to learn from a successful global software community.