Twitter, Inc.

Crashlytics acquired by Twitter > Twitter IPO > Fabric acquired by Google

Single contributor directed and designed the entire Twitter dev tool product experiences.

Original Product Designer tasked to champion product ideas from scratch into the market by researching, testing and validating product concepts with customers to grow the business and product lines. Responsible for crash-reporting, 0-1 mobile analytics, and 0-1 beta-distribution product lines. Created captivating yet cohesive deliverables, including full-scale designs, high-fidelity mock-ups, and trade-show graphics. Integrated with Kanban development teams to understand pain points and gain usability feedback.

Managed, developed and created process that helped facilitate the software development lifecycle.

Created the Fabric motif, and design for Twitter Fabric and that would allow development and design to be guided into product development. Designed the experience and interactivity for all of the Crashlyitcs product portfolio including desktop, iOS, and web/mobile applications.