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Docker, Inc.

Design Systems Manager April 2016 – Present
San Francisco, CA

Managing, designing and creating products that optimize the software supply chain for enterprise customers and developers by creating a full story for businesses to champion their products throughout the entire software development lifecycle.

Directing the Docker Design System by managing a globally distributed team of designers and engineers to optimize, systematize and standardize a component library for the entire Docker product portfolio. The Design system is aimed at saving cost and driving efficiency within the entire Docker engineering organization by giving engineers and product leaders the tools to go to market and deliver product more effectively and efficiently.

Articulating complex visions through simple, elegant designs; while championing art direction using illustration, color theory and graphical story telling to convey and implement the brand and product interactivity. Validating art, design and key user stories through user studies and qualitative research to captivate the value of the brand and execute throughout the Docker product portfolio and web properties. Engaging with customers and capturing qualitative and quantitative data to learn quickly through iterative prototyping; and delivering intricate UX visions, UI specifications, wireframes, and prototypes.

Directing, guiding and designing mockups/illustrations and prototypes using graphical emulators such as the Adobe creative suite, Sketch and Framer. These prototypes include low/high fidelity invision/principle click through concepts, as well as using front end web technologies such as html/css/js to build web applications wrapped in electron to distribute ideas and share design thinking across the business.

Managing the design principles through the full suite of the Docker Product Portfolio for Enterprise grade products and community based tools including UCP (Universal Control Plane), DTR (Docker Trusted Registry), Docker for Mac and Windows.

Applause, Inc.

Cheif Product Designer July 2014 – April 2016 Present
Seattle, WA

Collaborated with teams located globally to research and drive customer experience throughout all of the Applause offerings. Created Entire Applause Product Portfolio across five separate revenue generating products through data driven research and analysis.

Developed a cohesive virtual Product Design Team via Poland, Boston & Seattle. Actively teaching the Business how to create world class experiences.

Drove NPS from average 1/5 stars to average 4/5, by identifying problem areas within each Product Offering, and tailoring the Product experience to provide a more enjoyable acquaintance for the customers.

Created a cohesive visual and functional, interactive style guide and standard component library for the organization’s full product offering suite.

This facilitated product delivery and development allowing engineers to move quickly and maintained cohesion across the product experience.

Worked directly with the executive teams, as well as the heads of every major devision within the organization (Sales, Marketing, Delivery, Engineering and Product) to establish product vision, strategy and monthly/quarterly road-maps for design.

Worked closely with customers/users validating prototypes and production experiences with the engineering teams. Rapid iteration and feedback cycles daily while supporting product owners across all offerings.

Twitter, Inc.

Senior Product Designer January 2013 – June 2014 Present
San Francisco, CA

Designer #1 tasked to champion products from scratch into the market. A single designer responsible for crash-reporting, 0-1 mobile analytics, and 0-1 beta-distribution product lines. Created captivating yet cohesive deliverables, including full-scale designs, high-fidelity mock-ups, and trade-show graphics. Integrated with Kanban development teams to understand pain points and gain usability feedback.

Created a cohesive product portfolio. Researched, Designed, Tested and facilitated the implementation of product through production working directly with customers and stakeholders throughout the process.

Created the Fabric motif, and design for Twitter Fabric and that would allow development and design to be guided into product development. Designed the experience and interactivity for all of the crashlyitcs product portfolio including desktop, iOS, and web/mobile applications.

Expertly applied Adobe Creative tools to build a polished user experience. Communicated with a team which grew to 60+ engineers, developers, and marketing analysts day to day, while working directly with the executive team to help ensure the high bar for design was met in a cohesive fashion across the product suite.

Crashlyitcs > Acquired x Twitter branded Fabric > Acquired x Google


Director of Product Designe January 2008 – October 2012 Present
Boston, MA
Iterated Directly with Prime Contractors including Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and several other large contracting organizations that manage the United States Navy production innovation programs.

Directed studies to identify ways to optimize and manage the tactical supply chain for battleship maintenance mechanics to operate within their day-to-day.

The output of these studies generated product initiatives that drove value into these prime contractors product portfolios, and consequently increased the performance of daily workflow and ship maintenance for the United States Navy.

Responsible for creating the Brand and Product Suite for large scale, web application interfaces utilizing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Photoshop.

Full software life cycle experience specializing in architecture and design of Desktop and Touch screen applications. Versed in SCRUM methodologies and practices. Collaborated with a team of 6 Ruby on Rails and .NET developers to successfully implement and test customer requirements covering multiple applications averaging about 30-40 user-stories per iteration. Ensured visual continuity across company applications via HTML/CSS wireframe templates. This streamlined the process by decreasing the user story backlog and providing developers with common framework for implementing new features and user stories.

Significant experience in customer facing roles; presented new features at trade shows and conventions using static demo applications and graphics. Worked closely with customers on site to elicit feedback and incorporate ideas into future interface requirements .